About the owners

Let us introduce ourselves and our little 'family' to you.
All of us are looking forward to meeting you soon in personal!

Claudia and Marc

Claudia and Marc

It was just time for us to do "something else" in the second half of our lives, kind of pressing the reset-button and enjoy experiencing starting something "new" from scratch.

Claudia worked as a head-of-buying for a German retailer and Marc was running his own textile trading-agency. Interesting and demanding job`s - we learned a lot - traveled a lot - gained a lot of experience and skills but in the end didn`t have enough time to enjoy live.

We decided to hold it with Monty Pyton: "Now to something completely different". And what can we say? It is different to run a guesthouse and it feels great! We are enjoying the new job and the new livestyle in Western Cape, South Africa.

Our pets

The 'real' owners of this place :)!

Paule and Miss Sophie: Both happy rescue dogs from welfare-organisations. 

A wise man once said: "It is possible to live life without a dog - but it is completely unnecessary."

Beside their job of giving happiness to us and guests they make sure no unexpected strangers are checking-in.


Paule & Miss Sophie
housekeeping team

Our staff

We proudly present our good helping hands to you:

Edzayi (please see above) is busy keeping the spacious garden in best shape for our guests and all of us - being well versed in what he is doing you can just enjoy his work-results.

Our housekeeping-staff "Naome, Sheila and Courage" is working hard to keep the entire premises tidy and clean on the inside. And they do all that with a smile - well done ladies - where would we be without you!? Thank you for your loyalty bringing everything to a shine :) we are very grateful having you for a long time already in the team.